Three Top Tips for Buying a Scooter

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There’s a joke which goes, “your destination may be too far to walk, but not too far to drive.” Apparently, you’re thinking that driving your vehicle or hiring a taxi may do you a massive favour, by saving you fuel and ensure that you arrive in time. But this doesn’t solve the regular bottleneck traffic. The excellent news undoubtedly is, that you can turn to a scooter to help you manoeuvre the heavy traffic and reach your destination at the earliest time. But what are the crucial things to consider when buying a scooter?

Comfort Comes First

You wish to get the absolute most out of your new scooter, and comfort is among the most important aspects to factor in before you pay for the two-wheeled motor vehicle. Sit or stand on the scooter, and a have short ride to see if it suits you. Can you comfortably put both feet on the ground? You can always consult medical specialists at for assistance if you have an accident. Other than putting your feet down on the ground, do you feel comfortable when sat on the scooter? Is the size right for you? In essence, you have a myriad of options to choose from when buying many types of vehicles.

Engine Size, CC

How fast do you want to go with your open motor vehicle? The engine size in cubic centimetres determines the horsepower and maximum speed of your scooter. This also dictates the amount of fuel the scooter will consume. With this said, the larger the engine size, the more power and speed you have and the more fuel you burn. In essence, you’ll come across a 50cc, 120cc, 150cc, 200cc or even a 500cc scooter. If you’re just starting off, or you want to use the scooter for short trips to school, work, the grocery store, or to ride around your community, a 50 to 125cc works perfectly.


Now that you’ve known that comfort and cc should influence your choice, it may be time to consider how much you’ll fork out for the small motorcycle. Ultimately, the higher the comfort and the bigger the engine, the more you dig deep into your pockets. The price for each scooter may vary from one brand to the other, so you want to research in advance, to know the approximate price you’ll part with before the scooter changes ownership. Window shopping may also be helpful when determining which scooter you can afford. Set a budget and price range before the actual purchase.

Did You Know?

As with other vehicles, you need a license and insurance for your scooter. You should demonstrate that you can ride the scooter without putting your life and other lives at stake. Perhaps taking a safety course, with much focus on motorcycles, may work to your advantage. You must always wear a helmet, eye protection, and gloves when riding your scooter.

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