Factors Contributing to Scooter Accidents

Falling off the scooter’s deck causes the majority of electric scooter accidents. Usually, this could occur if you hit a deep pothole or stone while moving fast. Most of the time, vehicle and motorcycle collisions are to blame for the falls. The degree of the injuries is based on the speed of the crash and if the rider used safety precautions such as wearing a helmet. Yet some of the factors that lead to these accidents can be avoidable.

Distractions are Risky

It’s common nowadays to see people using their phones and texting while riding. These distractions play a significant role in most scooter-related pedestrian incidents. The accidents eventually result in injuries to the rider and the pedestrian since the driver frequently ignores where they are going and runs headfirst into a person on foot.

At speeds of over 40 kilometres per hour, these scooters zip across cities’ parks. With the speed limit being higher than what any parking space would permit, even a tiny distraction might result in significant injury.

Lane Splitting with Other Motorists

Sometimes scooter riders engage in this harmful behaviour without recognizing it. By lane splitting, a scooter uses another driver’s lane to pass through slow or halted traffic. It frequently happens when a scooter driver gets impatient and decides to accelerate by darting in and out of lanes at red lights and in regions of heavy traffic.

Despite being permitted in several places, lane splitting is dangerous because other cars cannot anticipate your unpredictable behaviour. A different driver might swerve into your path, open their door in front of you, or accelerate rapidly and run you over.

Reckless Riding

Although it is common sense to slow down in densely populated places, some riders don’t. Reckless behaviour can be both careless and intentional. Some people only use scooters to move quickly through crowds, whereas some behave recklessly and without purpose. In either case, riding scooters recklessly frequently is irresponsible and could cause an accident.

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