The Best Scooter Models in 2020

Scooters are an affordable and economical mode of transport since the days of World War II. Their mobility and convenience make them the preference of many casual riders globally. Their licenses and insurance are affordable compared to cars in most countries. Most urban area users in different countries find scooters convenient due to parking space availability and the ability to manoeuvre traffic. The following are the five best scooters you should consider if you plan to purchase one in 2020.

2020 Italjet Dragster

This is an updated version of the original Dragster from Italjet priced at around £5,000. The scooter has a CTV transmission and a 125 cc engine that produces 15 horsepower. The front-wheel measures 12-inches while the rear is 13-inches.

2020 Honda PCX 150

The PCX 150 from Honda comes at the cost of £3,500, making it quite popular. It has a 149 cc engine with four strokes, producing 13-horsepower and 10.3 lb-ft torque.

2020 Vespa Primavera 50

Vespa GTS introduces the 2020 Vespa Primavera 50 scoot with a 50 cc engine producing 4.1 horsepower from a four-stroke engine. The scooter with a top speed of 40 MPH will cost you

£4199. The scooter comes with 12-inches of cast-aluminium wheel-rims, coil-over shock absorbers for front and rear, among other great features.

2020 Vespa Elettrica

The Vespa Elettrica that costs £7,400 is the electric version of Vespa Primavera brought to you by Vespa GTS. According to the manufacturer, its popularity is from the Lithium-ion battery with a 4kW motor that manages at least 62 miles. The Elettrica is equipped with a remote key control USB charge, and the best part is that it has two ride modes.

2020 Piaggio Beverly 350

This scooter from Piaggio goes for only £6,500 and comes with a 333 cc engine producing 30-horse power. Other features include a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD displays, and a seat lock among others.

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