Six Tips for Safe Scooting to School

  • teresa 

It is essential to teach your kids how to ride scooters safely. Here are important tips to give your child when they are riding their scooters to school.

Always Wear Protective Gear

Children riding scooters need to put on their protective gear. There is always a chance of falling down, and the gear will go a long way to prevent serious injury. The kids should have a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and sturdy shoes.

Slow Down

Children always want to go faster and faster, which is always a common mistake. You should teach them to ride slowly so they can be safe.

Know the Rules

Teaching them the rules of the road is an excellent start to keeping them safe. When going to school, they need to have all the information to keep them aware of danger.

Plan the Route

Direct your kids on the route they take going to school and coming back home. If they are lost or don’t know the way, it can cause them to panic. Children need to have a route in mind which they can easily follow.

Go in Pairs or Groups

It is always better when there are two to three children riding scooters to school. It makes it easy for them to feel safe in their company, while they find the way. By going in groups, they are less likely to get hurt.

Should Know When to Stop

Accidents are likely to happen when children are unable to stop their scooter. You should teach the kids how to stop their scooter within seconds.

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