Scooters as an Alternative Riding for Osteoarthritis Patients

Osteoarthritis is a bone illness that causes stiffness and pain in the knee, hip and thumb joints. Due to this problem, patients with such an illness maybe have a difficult time when travelling especially on bicycles. Riding bicycles is tiresome and almost impossible for such patients due to joint pains. There are alternative means of transport for these people that will enable them to move from place to place without much trouble. Scooters are one such reliable way to get around for people with osteoarthritic conditions.

Little Effort to Get Around

Primarily, scooters need less effort to move as compared to bicycles. When we talk of effort, we are referring to the physical effort which can be quite a problem to the patients. The bone and joint problems cannot allow them to peddle bicycles swiftly since it needs a lot of energy to move especially in hilly places. Anyone would want a means of transport that requires little strain if any. Scooters are a good alternative since they are motorised. They have engines that make it easier to move.

Light Cycles

Also, another good reason why scooters are preferable and advisable for use by people seeking osteoarthritis treatment is that they are small in size which makes them less cumbersome than motorcycles. These patients do not need a bulky means of transport that might trouble them when moving. Scooters are averagely light and hence people can control and handle them with ease. As mentioned earlier, Osteoarthritis patients do not have so much strength and for this reason, a scooter is the best.

When compared to motor vehicles, research shows that scooters are still the best. Using vehicles requires you to be always alert and may at times require you to make swift decisions. Swift decisions include turning the steering quickly and pressing the foot pedals. In a vehicle, there are also times you are required to reverse the car. All these need you to turn your head for reversing, arm joints when steering and also the leg joints when pressing the pedals.

Due to the weakness in the joints of Osteoarthritis patients, it may become difficult for them to drive a car. Scooters do not involve many movements of your neck when reversing. The hands are required to make slight movements at bends which is not the same as a vehicle steering hence making scooter a reliable means for such patients.

In general, people with Osteoarthritis have problems with their joints. This means they experience so much pain when they move the joints. Thus, a means that will involve less movement such as a scooter is the best and it is also light to handle.

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