Scooter Racing and Worksystem Products

Nowadays, scooter racing is more popular globally than ever before. Whereas once the humble scooter was a sedate method of town and city transport, it is now used by enthusiasts to test their skills and machine in the racing arena. The UK scooter-racing fraternity now extends to such popular race series held at Mallory Park, Cadwell Park and Lydden Hill. The British Scooter Sports Association arranges the annual ACU British Stock and Super Scooter Championship comprising of seven rounds held throughout the UK. If you are a scooter racer, you will need to arrange adequate sponsorship and mechanical back-up that can travel with you to each meeting to fix any problems during the events. As such, the ideal support vehicle would be a van fully stocked with the necessary tools and mechanical parts that ensure your races run smoothly. Worksystem offers a complete range of van racking and shelving systems that are sure to meet your needs.

Worksystem Products

The products supplied by worksystem include:

  • Van racking and storage solutions
  • Roof equipment
  • Pick-up bed equipment and cargo sledges
  • Van styling
  • Protective cladding and load security
  • Driver environment products and
  • Alarms, safety and heating solutions

Having purchased your support van, you can then set about making it fit for purpose using these robust and practical products from Worksystem.

Why Consider Worksystem Products?

Their products are self-designed and are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure that they can meet any racking solutions for your particular choice of van. The racking is designed to be modular, enabling purchasers to customise their vehicle’s interior to best suit their needs. This added flexibility means that further modules can be added in future if your requirements change. To ensure peace of mind, the products are precisely manufactured using the latest robotic techniques. Worksystem is so confident in the construction of their goods that they offer a 36-month guarantee on their whole range. When using support vans for any form of scooter racing, it is essential that vital components are readily accessible. It is also crucial that any equipment stored in the rear of the vehicle is secure to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. Worksystem equipment comfortably meets all safety regulations and can be relied upon to provide equipment that satisfies these criteria.


Scooter racing is gaining in popularity throughout the world, and organised leagues and races are readily accessible to everyone. With investment in a top-quality machine and the fitting of appropriate enhancements, this is a sport that everyone can try. However, behind every successful racer is a backup team that is well-equipped to deal with any eventualities. Worksystem products can provide the storage and transport capabilities that you need to succeed.

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