How to Choose a Kick Scooter for Children

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Most parents prefer to buy their kids a kick scooter. Children can enjoy riding this scooter outside the house, and it also helps them with exercising themselves. There are many reasons why parents prefer these kick scooters. For children: who are looking to learn how to ride their first bicycle, a kick scooter is a great place to start. A scooter is safer than a regular bicycle, and it helps the child develop their motor skills.

It isn’t always easy to choose a kick scooter, because most parents already have something in mind, and there are a lot of scooters to choose from. Here is a guide to help you with your search.

Is Your Child Old Enough To Ride?

When making a decision to buy a kick scooter for your child, age should not be the question, but instead, you should be looking at the physical abilities of your child. For instance some children as early as three years old will be able to ride a scooter while some of the same age may not.

Choosing the Style

There are many kick scooter styles in the market today, and each style has its own benefit. Some also have their own demerits which will affect the child’s ability to use it. Scooters usually come in two forms; two-wheeled and three-wheeled scooters. These two have different styles under them.

For example, three-wheeled scooters have the following styles:

  • 2 front wheels, 1 rear wheel with lean-to-turn steering.
  • 2 front wheels, 1 rear wheel with a bicycle turning mechanism
  • 1 front wheel, 2 rear wheels with a V-shape design
  • 1 front wheel, 3 rear wheels designed with a bike turning mechanism

Two-wheeled scooters are usually quite hard for children to ride. It takes a kid with enough strength to push the scooter.

Small Wheels or Large Wheels?

Typically, the wheels of a kick scooter are usually determined by the size of it. Larger kick scooters come with large wheels and the small ones with smaller wheels. The wheels typically come in these sizes:

  • Small wheels: 100mm to 125mm
  • Medium wheels: 145mm to 185mm
  • Large wheels: 190mm to 205mm
  • Very large wheels: 210 mm and higher

Small scooters can hold larger weights, particularly aluminium wheels. Small scooters are better and more comfortable to ride.

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