Five Misconceptions About Pro Scooter Riders

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Are you a fan of scooter riders or plan on becoming a professional at it? Then you may have heard some things about scooting which may not be accurate. Here some misconceptions about pro scooter riders.

You Need Natural Talent

Many people who watch people scoot usually think that being a professional requires that you have a natural talent for it. Even though it can come naturally for some people to scoot quickly, it takes a lot of dedication and determination to become a professional scooter. One cannot become a pro overnight, because it takes a lot of hard work and practice. Many people who are natural riders never really turn pro. If you want to become a pro scooter, you will need to take steps to become one.

You Can Start Without Good Equipment

There are a lot of aspiring professional riders who think they can go pro without having the proper equipment. It doesn’t matter how talented you may be as a scooter, it will be almost impossible to compete with other professionals if you don’t carry the right equipment. Even if you are lucky enough to take part successfully, there won’t be any chance of winning. In pro scooting, you’re more likely to compete with players using equipment such as a Razor Pro XX which your scooter doesn’t stand a chance to match. Successful riders use high-quality equipment which is mostly bought through their sponsors, but even as a beginner, you will still need to get the proper equipment.

Pros Can Do Every Trick

Beginners typically think that pro scooters can do every trick possible and even backflip. The truth is, anyone can become a professional, even if they are unable to do a backflip. The backflip is one of the smartest tricks which crowds look forward to at the sports arena. There is no particular trick you have to do before you can get sponsors; the most important thing is to focus on doing tricks that make you stand out.

Pro Riders Have More Than One Scooter

There is also a misconception that professional scooters usually carry along with them more than one scooter. The sponsors don’t buy many scooters for professionals, and neither do the pro’s own many scooters. It would be unreasonable for a pro to carry many scooters because there wouldn’t be enough room to keep them, and it would be uncomfortable to be moving them around. Also, it is usually better to get accustomed to one scooter and be able to use it well.

Professionals Travel Every Time

Some professional sports such as tennis, football, and even golf require a great deal of travel. Many children aspire to be professional riders because they think it would give them a chance to travel more. Some pro scooters may never leave the country, and even if they do, it would only be a couple of times in the year. Most of the places they will travel to are usually close to the area they reside in.

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