Electric Scooter Safety Tips

  • teresa 

When riding an electric scooter, there are certain things you should know.

Make Sure You Stand Out

It doesn’t mean because you’re an adult, people will easily see you on a scooter. The scooter will make you move faster than regular pedestrians, and you would look like you’re in a vehicle. To make sure people see you, it is best to put on very bright colours. This will make it easy for motorists and pedestrians to identify you as you pass with your scooter. You can also wear a reflective vest to prevent people from getting injured.

Pay Attention

It is important always to concentrate when riding your scooter, especially for the safety of other people sharing the road with you. Getting distracted will put you and others in danger. Also, it is essential to study the flow of traffic and watch out for turning signals: before crossing any street. When riding, watch out for pedestrians who are also about to cross. Do not receive phone calls while riding, because it will distract your attention from the road and you will make a mistake.

Don’t Drink and Ride

Just like the traffic rule which prevents people from drinking and driving cars or motorcycles, a scooter rider should also avoid alcohol. Riding with alcohol in your system will impair your judgment and can lead to making mistakes which will injure someone on the road.

Keep Your Hands on the Handles

Do not take your hands off for a second when riding a scooter. The handlebars are meant to control the scooter; if you take your hands off to do anything, you could end up injuring people on the road. If you have to carry anything, keep it safely; nothing should be in your hands.

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