Eight Steps to Teach Your Child how to Ride a Scooter

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After buying a scooter for your child, it is also necessary that they learn how to ride it. Scooters are different from regular bicycles, and they require balance to be able to ride them. Scooters are effortless to use.

If you want to train your child on a scooter, you will need to follow these steps.

Start with the Basics

The first task will be to show the child the new scooter. Allow them to hold the scooter and show them each part by explaining to them what they are. This needs to be done before the child can begin to use the scooter.

Show Them How to Ride

After you have shown the child the scooter, you will need to demonstrate how to ride it. You can do this by standing on the scooter with one foot while pushing yourself forward with the other foot. You can show your child how to make turns and also how to stop.

Teach Them Indoors

The next task will be to show them how to get on their scooter, but they can only learn this stage indoors. You can start teaching the child on a carpet because initially, it would be difficult for them to learn how to stay balanced. The carpet is to keep them from having serious injuries in case they fall down.

Tell Them to Move Slowly

The fourth step will be for the child to learn how to move on the scooter slowly at the beginning. Some kids may be anxious to go to a higher speed, but you will need to show them how to place their first foot on the scooter while pushing forward with the other. Teach the child to learn how to balance on the scooter.

Take Them Outside

Now that they know the basics and they have been practising, you can then bring them outside. You can start with small areas: such as the sidewalk or driveway. It is essential that the child rides only under your supervision.

Let Them Ride by Themselves

At this stage, the child should be able to ride the scooter unsupervised. They should be able to move around without fear of falling down and can now probably scoot down the street.

Teach Them Advanced Strategies

At this point, you might need to show them how to do different things with their scooter. They can learn how to move forward, turn or slow down.

Go Riding with Them

Finally, you can take a ride side by side with your child. There are group events you can enrol in and have fun with your kid.

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